LinkedIn: Breaks their PYMK feature yet again.

Why is it always the People You May Know feature that I’m having to blog about? Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn always seem to be breaking it.

I tend to keep on top of my PYMK suggestions and dismiss them when I don’t know them, so it never becomes an out of control massive list. It’s just a couple of clicks each time I visit.

Today I arrive at LinkedIn and see I have 6 suggestions. After looking for a second I realize I don’t know any of those 6 people so I want to click on their respective “X” to dismiss them. I click on the first “X” and that person disappears. But now, something’s happened in the LinkedIn logic and it won’t allow me to click any more of the “X’s, they’ve all been disabled somehow. So I refresh, after having only successfully clicked on one. You’d think those other 5 suggestions would be back, right? Wrong! It said I have no more suggestions.

I’m using the #1 OS (Win 7) with the #1 Browser (Chrome). It’s not like I’m using an obscure combination that the QA department wouldn’t have gotten around to testing.

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Facebook: PYMK: I know, not again, but yes

Again the Facebook QA team (who never seem to look at the people you may know feature) strike again. As well as not having an “X” next to each suggestion if you click on “See All”, now you get the jumping about of UI elements as you click on the “X” on the 6 inline PYMK suggestions. Here, I made a GIF of it. Watch how when there’s only one left, it jumps up. It’s a 1MB GIF, so give it a chance to fully load if you’re on a slowish connection.



So what you might say? That’s very minor. Sure, if it was your or my personal homepage it’s trivial, but this is a global site with a billion members. There is no trivial. Plus, you know what actually happens when you’re doing this? You click on “X” and “X” and “X” until finally there’s only one left and if you haven’t moved your mouse at all, then you’re not going to click on “X” on the last one, because the “X” has moved. You’ll click on the user and be taken to their timeline page. I’ve done it a few times. The first few times I’m thinking W T F ? Then I spotted the jump and now I know to move the mouse up to catch the “X” on the last one.

Hey, I know some of these are trivial but times are hard, there’s not much to find fault with these days :P

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LinkedIn: Endorsement system is quite annoying

In general I think the endorsement system on LinkedIn is good. I like the idea. You enter your skills and your contacts can endorse you, thereby verifying your claim of having those skills.

What I don’t like though, is that your contacts are randomly asked whether they want to endorse you for what seems to be a random selection from your skills. They’re asked if they want to endorse those 5 skills, yes or no. The result is that you can end up being over-endorsed for some skills. I think you should be able to order your skills in terms of what you think is most important, and if it’s going to ask your contacts to endorse you, then it should first offer your top 5, and if it asks them again in future, the next 5. I see that you can re-order them, but I don’t think it has that effect.

The upshot of all this is that when I look at my endorsements, the skills that my contacts know I’m most famous for, are NOT at the top of my list. Instead it’s secondary and trivial skills. My top endorsed skill currently is Scrum, which is a trivial item and just something you do as part of how your projects are organized. It’s hardly a skill if it’s just something you do, rather than someone who’s a Scrum Master, for them it is an important skill. Another of my top endorsed skills is XML, which is also just a nothing secondary trivial skill.

I don’t want people thinking I’m a Scrum and XML expert, but my contacts are being asked whether they want to endorse me for 5 random skills and somehow these two seem to end up being in that 5 quite often. I want people to be asked about programming languages, software development, troubleshooting, problem solving and so on.

Plus nobody yet endorsed me for my three fun skills “Advanced Awesomeness”, “Psychic Debugging”, and “Olympic Level Modesty”. Time to delete those.

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Facebook PYMK Stupidity 2.0: They’re at it again

Really Facebook? You redesign the people you may know UI and *STILL GET IT WRONG* ? What on earth is wrong with you people ?

When you click on your own timeline, you’ll see PYMK suggestions horizontally like this, just below your cover picture.


Notice how you can dismiss the suggestions by clicking on the rollover-X. When you do that, they’ll never be suggested again. A perfect PYMK system you might say? So far so good. But now try clicking on “See All” and instead of only seeing only 6 (or so) suggestions horizontally, you’ll now see more, but arranged vertically on their own page. So what’s the problem? Well, just try and dismiss any of them by clicking their rollover-X. Hint: You’ll be there all day trying to find the “X” that never appears, and it doesn’t appear because it’s not there. So every time you go to that page you’ll always see the same list of people. WTF Facebook QA? Have you guys even seen this page ever?


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Chrome 33 freezes my machine

As already mentioned, Chrome 33 sucks for forcing you to come out of Developer Mode (if you value your sanity). I got over that though by converting all my self-written Chrome extensions to pure User Scripts. It also gave me the motivation to make them cross-browser compatible (in a single script) with GreaseMonkey. Shame you have to use both the @include *and* the @match tags and have to use UTF-8 with no BOM, but they’re working now. So I’m over the developer mode issue.

Just a shame Chrome 33 is a crash-fest when it comes to sites like youtube. After turning off developer mode and re-enabling google updating, I found that I can’t even view a youtube video in Chrome 33. The machine freezes up completely, as if it’s giving 99.99% of the CPU to something. You can get one mouse movement in every 10 seconds. So it takes a few minutes to find the “X”, and Alt-F4 isn’t much quicker. Is it Flash? Well, I disabled hardware acceleration, but still got crashes. Is it HTML5 video tags? Could be. Rather than waste my life finding out, I restored my (daily) backup version of my Chrome folders to get version 32 back and turned off updating again.

Before you say “try this”, or “try that”, I’ve tried all I need to … I’ve reverted to Chrome 32. When Chrome 34 comes out, and after I’ve done my full daily backup, I’ll give that a try. But I’ll be ready to revert to 32 again.

Stupid me huh, having such a rare setup (Windows 7 – currently the #1 version of Windows, on an Intel processor – currently the #1 chip in the PC market, all up to date versions of drivers, Flash, Direct X, .NET architecture). You can’t expect them to test all configurations, especially a #1 configuration.

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Chrome stupidity: Disable Developer Mode Extensions

If you’ve written your own Chrome extensions and run your Chrome in developer mode so you can run your own damn extensions, you might want to stop Chrome updating to 33 or higher. I’ve got mine locked down at version 32. Chrome can no longer update itself. It involved using msconfig, services, and an IP entry of for

The reason being that it will annoy you every single time you start Chrome about how dangerous it is running in developer mode.


I think I trust my own extensions thank you very much. It’s not about our own extensions though, they say, it’s about rogue extensions that are given too much power and are doing naughty things. I think that’s your problem Google, not mine. If you’re not able to sandbox things properly, or wrap up the preferences file in a more secure way, that’s no reason to punish the rest of us. Their advice for anyone wanting to run extensions in developer mode is to run the inherently unstable dev version of Chrome. Why on earth would I want to do that.

No thanks Google, I’m sticking with Chrome 32 for as long as I can or until you fix your problems properly. Or I’ll just switch to using Firefox more often, where I can use my extensions in their greasemonkey form without any problems.

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Facebook: Hiding Posts, you just don’t get it

If I’ve seen a post in my Facebook newsfeed and it doesn’t interest me, then next time I go visit Facebook, I don’t want to see that post. I want to see only the new stuff, or stuff I didn’t choose to hide. So if I see a friend has posted something and I choose to click the drop-down and choose “Hide this post”, it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with that post. It means I’ve seen it now, I don’t need to see it again next time.

There’s no need to ask me this: facebook_dont_get_it

When I click on “Why don’t you want to see this?” I’m given only three options:facebook_dont_get_it2

I didn’t think I had a problem. I was just hiding a post. I know you really want me to spend more time on Facebook Mark, but I have the opposite view. I want to see only what’s new in my feed and only posts I’ve chosen not to hide (yet).

Where’s my option above for “I’m only hiding it because it doesn’t interest me.” with a sub-text of “not that I have an issue with the post, or the poster, it’s just that it’s about a subject I don’t wish to participate in a thread about and it can leave my view now please if you don’t mind”. The nearest option is the “It’s annoying or not interesting”, but they’re both completely different. Annoying is not anything like not interesting. Besides, the option I actually want is simply “I’ve seen it now”.

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