Firefox stupidity : Open in new tab, from bookmarks

Hey Mozilla peeps, if you’re going to have a checkbox in your general options that says “” then how about you apply it to any links? You apply it to links in web pages but not links in bookmarks on the bookmarks toolbar. If I right-click on a link in a web page, I can choose open link in new tab and it will either open it and not switch or open it and switch to that tab, depending on the tick in the checkbox. But if I do the same on a link on the bookmarks toolbar (which gives me the same options) I can’t.


The popup menus from page links (left) and the bookmarks toolbar (right):

firefox2   firefox3


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Microsoft stupidity: Windows 10 upgrade

How many times do I have to decline the update KB3033583 Microsoft? I’ve deselected it told Windows Update not to remind me again, and it accepts and follows that. For about a month or so, then it comes back again. Same KB number. I imagine they have a secret number behind the scenes so that they can keep pushing their suckage onto us, bypassing the fact that I’ve already told them not to give it to me.

If you don’t know KB3033583, it’s a program that will infect your systray with a Win 10 white flag icon and nag you to “upgrade” to Windows 10. I know people who’ve not known what was going on and clicked the wrong thing and ended up getting moved over to Win 10. They then found themselves in the strange and different world of Windows 10. Their logic is that eventually we’ll slip up and get it. Not me though, I always check each and every one of them whenever my Windows 7 offers me updates. I can’t trust them anymore.

Why don’t I want Windows 10 you ask?

Simple. I don’t consider it in any way an upgrade, and nor was Windows 8 either. I feel that they’re going backwards with their early 90’s flat UI. It maybe considered the fashion at the moment, but that’s exactly a bad reason to want it. Give me the 3D icons and general style of Windows 7 every time. I also don’t know of any technical reasons to want it. There’s nothing it offers me that Windows 7 doesn’t. I don’t want a touch screen on my computer. Why would I want to reach out and put fingerprints all over my monitor? It’s a computer, not a tablet or phone or kiosk device. If it was faster at least I might be impressed, but I’m not convinced of that either. Their software only gets slower with each release, not faster. I remember the change from XP to Vista and how it ran at 10% of the speed that XP did. I compared two virtual machines, one with XP and one with Vista, and everything took 9 times longer on the Vista one. It needed a faster minimum CPU and faster minimum memory. That’s not progress.

I embrace progress whole heartedly, when I see it, and with Windows 8 and 10 I’m not seeing it. I happily upgraded from 95 to 98, from 98 to 98 SE, from 98 SE to 2000, skipped “Me”, then loved XP for about 10 years. I skipped the dreaded Vista but embraced Windows 7, and that’s where I’m at. I hope there’s a Windows 11 and I hope it’s good, but if not, I’ll be staying with 7 for as long as possible.

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Chrome and Firefox stupid browser behaviour

I can’t believe I’ll start this one with “Internet Explorer” gets this right. Yes, I’m shocked too.

To get this problem you need to have a bookmarks/favourites toolbar visible and have folders on it. When you mouse-over/open the folder to see the bookmarks and right-click on one of them and choose “open in new tab”, when you’re using IE, the only thing that happens is what you asked for … that link is opened in a new tab and you stay where you were … looking in this bookmarks folder. That’s not what happens on Chrome and Firefox though. What they do is more than what the right-click menu offers. They open that tab in a new window and close the current folders drop-down menu list. Why? I didn’t ask for that.

Strangely, this used to work as expected on Chrome. I don’t remember how many versions back it was but it’s at least a couple of years. So every week when I’m having to book my hours for the week against projects and I might have shortcuts to them all in a folder and want to open 6 of them. Rather than going up and down the list and doing right-click -> open in new tab six times, which would be quick and easy. Instead each time the menu closes and I have to go back up to the toolbar and open it again. It’d be worse if I had multiple sub-folders, then I’d get really pissed off and might even consider going back to IE of all things. Oh the shame.

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All Social Media site stupidity

This one applies to ALL of the social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ (if it’s still a thing, I haven’t looked for years).

I want the option of selecting the mode “Only show me new items since my last visit”. It’s an easy thing to do, I know because I’ve written Chrome browser plugins to do it. Each time I visit any of those sites (except Instagram, I haven’t done that one yet), I drop a cookie with the date/time and in facebook’s case the most recent fb story id, and I make sure that my plugin hides all feed entries since my last visit. But what if you’re on a thread and want to see what others have added after your last post? I hear you ask. That’s what notifications are for. Clicking on a notification takes you straight to that thread and the page will have a different URL then, and my plugin only does its thing on the main URL.

Without these plugins I’d have to click “hide” on each feed item, and in the case of Facebook that’s a bad idea. They start asking why you’re hiding it. Has it offended you? Do you want to block all posts from that person? Would you like to unfollow them? The answer to all of them is no, I’ve simply seen it and don’t need to see it next time I visit. Even worse is that Facebook will start giving you less from that person going forward, even though you actually want to still see everything they post, just not see them again after you’ve already seen them.

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Instagram stupidity with follow suggestions

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on this social network bugs and missing features blog. This time it’s Instagram. They want to insert suggestions of people I should follow at the top of my feed, but they don’t want to give me any option to decline them. Sure, they’re relevant suggestions but in these cases I choose not to follow them. But no. Instagram only give me one option … to follow them. I can’t swipe left/right. I can’t click the “X” because there isn’t one. I think all I can do to get some new suggestions is to follow each of these, and then later unfollow them. That’s just stupid.

It isn’t any better if I follow the link to see more suggestions either. I’m just faced with the same situation but more than three of them.

Bad Instagram.


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Facebook stupidity : You just don’t understand [some of] your users

I don’t know about you, but when I fire up facebook, I want to see (a) new posts since my last visit, (b) posts I was watching or participating in somehow, (c) other stuff like pictures and likes. What I don’t want to see, is posts that were there last time I visited Facebook that didn’t interest me.

So what I do when I see a post that doesn’t interest me, is click on the drop-down menu and hide the post. The idea being, next time when I visit I won’t see that. This is where Facebook doesn’t understand [some] users. Upon hiding a post, it gets into a dialogue with you about why you wanted to hide it. Were you offended by it? Was it spam? Do you want to unfriend or block that user? Shall we stop putting anything in your feed from that user? I’m thinking “woah facebook, chill out dude”. All I did was hide a post that didn’t interest me and I don’t want to be there next time. It could be something as simple as having seen that picture someone posted now, I don’t need to see it again. I don’t need to see what everyone else comments on it. I saw it, I thought “nice” or “meh” and now I’m done with that experience, so I want it to not be taking up space in my newsfeed next time I’m here.

I’m sure that by doing this I’m confusing some logic in the facebook system that’s trying to figure out what it should put in my feed. It’s ‘thinking’ “uh oh, he’s back, what are we supposed to give him this time, he’s always hiding stuff and never tells us why“. When I look at my gmail inbox on my phone, I swipe things away once I’ve seen them unless I want to keep them around because action is needed. It’s just the same with how I view facebook. These are all individual items that I either want to keep around to see what happens (comments and likes) or I’m involved in the discussion, or I’m done with it and want to dismiss it.

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Youtube stupidity : Can’t enqueue a video while watching one

Whilst watching a video on the youtube website, there’s a list of suggestions down the right side. I know I can “watch later” but why can’t I queue the video(s) for an instant watch queue. Sometimes I might be watching a 20 minute video and see two other twenty minute videos on the right and I’d like to click “add to queue” on them and then walk away and be listening to them on my cordless headphones walking around the house. I don’t want to always have to mess around with watch later.

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