All Social Media site stupidity

This one applies to ALL of the social media sites: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ (if it’s still a thing, I haven’t looked for years).

I want the option of selecting the mode “Only show me new items since my last visit”. It’s an easy thing to do, I know because I’ve written Chrome browser plugins to do it. Each time I visit any of those sites (except Instagram, I haven’t done that one yet), I drop a cookie with the date/time and in facebook’s case the most recent fb story id, and I make sure that my plugin hides all feed entries since my last visit. But what if you’re on a thread and want to see what others have added after your last post? I hear you ask. That’s what notifications are for. Clicking on a notification takes you straight to that thread and the page will have a different URL then, and my plugin only does its thing on the main URL.

Without these plugins I’d have to click “hide” on each feed item, and in the case of Facebook that’s a bad idea. They start asking why you’re hiding it. Has it offended you? Do you want to block all posts from that person? Would you like to unfollow them? The answer to all of them is no, I’ve simply seen it and don’t need to see it next time I visit. Even worse is that Facebook will start giving you less from that person going forward, even though you actually want to still see everything they post, just not see them again after you’ve already seen them.

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Instagram stupidity with follow suggestions

It’s been a while since I wrote anything on this social network bugs and missing features blog. This time it’s Instagram. They want to insert suggestions of people I should follow at the top of my feed, but they don’t want to give me any option to decline them. Sure, they’re relevant suggestions but in these cases I choose not to follow them. But no. Instagram only give me one option … to follow them. I can’t swipe left/right. I can’t click the “X” because there isn’t one. I think all I can do to get some new suggestions is to follow each of these, and then later unfollow them. That’s just stupid.

It isn’t any better if I follow the link to see more suggestions either. I’m just faced with the same situation but more than three of them.

Bad Instagram.


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Facebook stupidity : You just don’t understand [some of] your users

I don’t know about you, but when I fire up facebook, I want to see (a) new posts since my last visit, (b) posts I was watching or participating in somehow, (c) other stuff like pictures and likes. What I don’t want to see, is posts that were there last time I visited Facebook that didn’t interest me.

So what I do when I see a post that doesn’t interest me, is click on the drop-down menu and hide the post. The idea being, next time when I visit I won’t see that. This is where Facebook doesn’t understand [some] users. Upon hiding a post, it gets into a dialogue with you about why you wanted to hide it. Were you offended by it? Was it spam? Do you want to unfriend or block that user? Shall we stop putting anything in your feed from that user? I’m thinking “woah facebook, chill out dude”. All I did was hide a post that didn’t interest me and I don’t want to be there next time. It could be something as simple as having seen that picture someone posted now, I don’t need to see it again. I don’t need to see what everyone else comments on it. I saw it, I thought “nice” or “meh” and now I’m done with that experience, so I want it to not be taking up space in my newsfeed next time I’m here.

I’m sure that by doing this I’m confusing some logic in the facebook system that’s trying to figure out what it should put in my feed. It’s ‘thinking’ “uh oh, he’s back, what are we supposed to give him this time, he’s always hiding stuff and never tells us why“. When I look at my gmail inbox on my phone, I swipe things away once I’ve seen them unless I want to keep them around because action is needed. It’s just the same with how I view facebook. These are all individual items that I either want to keep around to see what happens (comments and likes) or I’m involved in the discussion, or I’m done with it and want to dismiss it.

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Youtube stupidity : Can’t enqueue a video while watching one

Whilst watching a video on the youtube website, there’s a list of suggestions down the right side. I know I can “watch later” but why can’t I queue the video(s) for an instant watch queue. Sometimes I might be watching a 20 minute video and see two other twenty minute videos on the right and I’d like to click “add to queue” on them and then walk away and be listening to them on my cordless headphones walking around the house. I don’t want to always have to mess around with watch later.

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Youtube stupidity : Subscriptions are badly handled

Getting this one off my chest today also. So, I’ve got a youtube account that has about 30 channel subscriptions. Sometimes there’ll be videos by some of those channels that I don’t want to see. For example, I’m subscribed to a movie trailers channel. I’m not going to want to see every movie trailer, who would, so there’ll be ones I want to “dismiss” or “mark as watched”. There’s no such thing.

So when I turn on my smart TV and use the Youtube app, or use the Youtube app on my WD Media Player, or on my Android device(s), I’d like to start it up and go straight to my subscriptions and in a way that many apps do these days, I’d like to swipe away what I’m not interested in and never see that again. There doesn’t seem to be any way of doing that though. Each time I start it, I get the first channels videos shown to me and I have to scroll down until I get the second channel, and scroll down and down and down until I finally see a video I want to watch. I’ll watch it. Then I might be done with my viewing for that day. Next day I come back to the app, and all those videos from the previous day on those first few channels are still there because I had no way of saying “no thanks”.

Again I wonder if anyone in the company or the QA department uses their own services in real life, or if they just follow the QA test plan and don’t think for themselves.

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Facebook stupidity : “Friend X just commented on this post”

I haven’t posted anything to this blog for a while. This stupidity from Facebook led me to it today though. In my Facebook news feed I just got an entry that says one of my friends has commented on a┬ápost. So what do you want me to do with that Facebook? Do you want me to go and look at what she commented? That’s what I concluded.

So I click on the icon that expands the comments section on that post and as I’m doing so I see that it had over 49,000 comments. Well, naturally Facebook will take me directly to my friend’s comment won’t it. Errrr, No. It doesn’t. It takes you to either the Top comments or the most recent comments. So, now I’m expected to scroll down through up to 49,000 comments until I find my friend’s comment am I?

Seriously Facebook, tell me what I’m supposed to do.

You’ve told me my friend commented and offer me no way of seeing that comment easily. It would help somewhat if you at least told me when she commented, e.g. 33 minutes ago, then I could at least scroll down to where the 33 minute old comments are. But no. Facebook doesn’t tell me that either.

I ask again as I ask so often … don’t the people (and especially the QA department) at Facebook use their own service?

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Microsoft Stupidity: You should know what a VMC file is

So, I’m migrating data from my older Windows 7 PC to a new Windows 7 laptop (sorry, but I’m not infecting it with Windows 8.1) and I try running a virtual machine by clicking on a .vmc file. Bear in mind that these belong to a Microsoft program called Microsoft Virtual PC.


Fair enough, that software isn’t installed by default, you have to go and download it from Microsoft and I hadn’t done that yet. I thought that the quickest way to find the place to download MS Virtual PC from would be discovered by clicking OK to “Use the Web service to find the correct program”. Wrong!

really1Really Microsoft’s File Association searcher? You really don’t know the file extension .vmc from your own company’s MS Virtual PC program. Amazing. Luckily the rest of the web knows for you.



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